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Don't order from here. Just received today:

You must contact us in accordance with FTC guidelines in order for us to process your order. We are only able to process a limited quantity of the 30rd magazines and/or KCI products you had on order. We apologize for the delay but our system was overwhelmed with orders and our Holiday staff was unable to remove the items so they placed a warning on the website that we could not guarantee in stock status on all products and disabled the system from charging you. We reserve the right to cancel all orders as per our order agreement terms you selected when you placed the order. We are honoring the old price even though your order was never charged and we can't guarantee any specific quantity because it depends on how many orders are willing to accept these terms.
As per condition of the magazines we have shipped out the majority of the product that was like new to fill earlier orders and can't guarantee the condition will be like new or excellent if the original product description stated it was. We want you to be aware there could be finish wear, slight surface rust, or small dents on the product if applicable.

If you wish to keep the order you must follow these instructions:

In the subject line of the email write I agree Order # XXXX (I agree Order # XXXX example). After receiving your agreement we will charge your card at the old price you agreed to and send whatever quantity we can. If you ordered with a Free shipping promotion, your order will ship through the post office, be sure to include a Postal Mailing address in your response if it differs, in addition your subject line needs to say "I agree Order #XXXX Address Change".

If you do not agree to these terms:

Email and place Cancel XXXX in the subject line. If we do not hear back from you within 5 days we will automatically cancel out your order and purge your credit card data from our system in compliance with FTC regulations.

We sincerely apologize for the delay, but we have done everything in our power to try to fill your order. Due to the uncertainty of things we do not know when or if we will be receiving new product, and want to provide you time to secure product elsewhere before a possible ban occurs.

Wonder how many will show up from my original order? This one was placed one day after my first order that arrived last week.
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