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Originally Posted by alwaysshootin View Post
I'd say start out in the reloading section right here on GT, bunch of great information to be had for sure. A good reloading book is an excellent start, without a doubt, but you will be amazed by just asking the question in the reloading section "where do I start" how many informative answers you will get. If any say to start with a progressive press, disregard, anything else they have to say. If someone suggest, get a Lee Classic Turret, their words are gospel!
Agreed. I recently got into 10mm reloading and had no idea where to start. I didn't want fancy, just something that did the job. I bought a Lee Classic Turret, the 4-hole turret, some .40/10mm dies and of course the primer feeder and the powder measure (with extension). Reading up here on GT helped a lot, with plenty of YouTube videos to learn how to set it up right. Of course i also bought a digital caliper, scale, bullet puller and tumbler with media. What a great (and affordable) system. With the onset of the ammo/gun crisis I just bought components and dies to reload 1000 .45s and 1000 10mm rounds. Now, if I could only find the time to crank em out!
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