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I think you need to live in a ban area to understand.
Having lived all my life in NYC & then moving & then only caring about a gun years after I moved....Kids are brainwashed from the public schools, K on up. Everything in NYC at least is anti gun. Guns are only for cops. This is the thinking in NYC. Why do I need a gun? I have the police. The crime rate is down, why do I need a gun? The population is so brainwashed with a lack of individual thinking that they vote for these people time & time again & don't have a clue outside their own area.
That's why you have all the anti gun people in the NE of the country. These laws & idea's they have had for decades. Generations & generations of kids that grow up & never move & the cycle just repeats.

And NY specifically look up the Sullivan law & then look up that person. Mob boss...Dumb down the population so there no resistance.

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