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Got out with the G20 again today. This time I was able to get a hold of some 200gr. DoubleTap ammo. Still waiting on Underwood to try, but I wanted to see what some of the more potent stuff does. Perceived recoil was a bit more, but nothing to get excited about. The spent brass all looked good. No smiles, no bulges, no failures.

The only issue I had was with 2 very stray shots. I was shooting at 20 yards and was able to keep most shots within 6 inches of my mark, except for 2 shots. Not even on the paper. I was firing slow and deliberate shots. In fact, I stopped to find and inspect the ejected brass after each shot. It was 2 shots in a row, then I was back on target. So not sure what caused that. I watched a video on Youtube the other day that was demonstrating a standard Glock barrel and a KKM barrel. The shooter in that video had 2 flyers from the stock barrel. Maybe coincidence...or maybe something with the stock barrel and the hotter ammo.

I did shoot some of the DoubleTap rounds into a chunk of 6x6 treated wood. The round made it 4 inches into the block before coming to a stop. I don't think a whitetail stands a chance.
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