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Originally Posted by Wake_jumper View Post

They are drunk with power... confiscating guns would be the ultimate high for them.
Isn't the source of power actually in the people who elect the anti-gun liberals? Schumer and Feinstein are prime examples of Senators that keep getting re-elected with a clear track record against firearms. Old Harry Reid, on the other hand, represents a pro-gun state so he swings our way on gun legislation.

Think about these examples and how their legislative behavior is reinforced by being re-elected term after term after term. These congressmen aren't free agents; they are accountable to constituents every election cycle.

When you say "...they are drunk with power..." you are saying they are drunk with power provided by their voters. To say they want to take our guns away translates to 'the people in New York and California support taking our guns away while Nevada residents say we have the right to keep them'.

If Feinstein's AWB passes, blame the people who put her in office!

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