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I was never around guns as a kid much. In 96 I joined the military and found it was something I was good at, and I enjoyed it.
I joined a long distance club while I was stationed in MO and spent 5 years there collecting various guns. I was then transfered to MT and the mission changed drastically. I no longer had the time to shoot my guns. Also, being an armorer I had no desire. When the deployments started in late 2001 I sold all of my guns.

After leaving the military in late 2003 and returning to central IN, a homeless man attempted to mug me while running a service call at 3am in a bad neighborhood in Richmond, IN. I was lucky that night...I purchased a ccw 9mm two days later and I've carried ever since. I've had the misfortune of working in some very bad neighborhoods up and down the eastern seaboard since then, and carrying has saved my ass on more than one occasion. I've carried nearly every day since my purchase in 03, and never leave home without at least one firearm.

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