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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
He was not "convicted" of a crime.

Tennessee law says the DOS may suspend a handgun carry permit when presented with sufficient evidence that there is a "material likelihood of harm to the public."

It is a suspension, not a revocation. He had 10-days to surrender his permit. He may appeal the decision within 30-days either with a hearing with the DOS or in General Sessions Court.

And, if you think what you post on the internet will not be considered as evidence by DOS, you are very wrong. When a former GT member had his permit suspended, the State had a 3" stack of printouts of his posts on several forums going back several years. His posts were considered in the decision to suspend.
This is all true. And only a fool would think a YouTube video is not evidence. I am simply saying what he did, in my non-professional opinion, does not constitute a crime. But whatever. I have no stake in defending James Yeager. I am not an alumni of his courses, nor do I know him in any way. I don't really care at this point. Whatever.

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