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Originally Posted by WinterWizard View Post
In Tennessee a criminal compaint or trial is not needed to convict someone of a crime? Please explain. Also, please cite the specific Tennessee criminal code he broke and provide a link.

I will say again I think it was stupid and he shouldn't have said it, but his "threat" was conditional, not directed any specific person or group, no one was in imminent danger and no one was subsequently harmed as a result of this conditional, hypothetical "threat."
He was not "convicted" of a crime.

Tennessee law says the DOS may suspend a handgun carry permit when presented with sufficient evidence that there is a "material likelihood of harm to the public."

It is a suspension, not a revocation. He had 10-days to surrender his permit. He may appeal the decision within 30-days either with a hearing with the DOS or in General Sessions Court.

And, if you think what you post on the internet will not be considered as evidence by DOS, you are very wrong. When a former GT member had his permit suspended, the State had a 3" stack of printouts of his posts on several forums going back several years. His posts were considered in the decision to suspend.
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