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First off, I have TWO Glocks, a G-27 and a G-34.

I also have TWO Sig's, a P229-9mm, and also a P220.

When I was looking for my first semi-auto, 13-15 years ago I looked at, and handled many different guns, and at that time I wasn't even aware of Sig's.
When I picked up the P229 it fit my hand like a glove that I had worn for years!

I've ran 5-6 thousand rounds through that gun wit ony ONE feed issue, which turned out to be a defective shell casing.

If I could only have ONE would be the P229.

I bought the P220 a few years later simply because of the great deal ($547) but honestly I'm not as fond of it as I amd the P229.

All of this said, IMO the Sig's that I own, even though I have carried them in quality IWB holsters are a bit too large for IWB, at least for me.
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