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Originally Posted by BenjiEDF View Post
It is very true that the entire world depends on the U.S. Dollar and the strength of our economy and military power. Both of these things are unsustainable at the rate we as a country are going. The U.S. Dollar is losing its value and our national debt is out of control.

The key evidence for me though is not any conspiracy in what current politicians are doing (although that is worth looking at). I am a senior college student and the University is teaching that capitalism has failed, and that communism is "worth revisting." There is no difference between a Communist party news article from the 1970's than the "current" textbooks of todays classrooms and lectures. Individualism is taught to be outdated and unfair, Communalistic thinking and "the greater good" is an absolute religion. This is real, perhaps the severity of what I'm saying is overestimated however, IT DOES EXIST and it CANNOT BE IGNORED.
Benji- I can believe that some intellectuals are thinking and authoring books about 'new world order' political and economic philosophy. What I can't believe is that main stream Democrats are buying into those ideas.

Imagine Obama and his cabinet members meeting with Democrat leaders in Congress at a retreat to discuss legislative strategy for O's second term. Will they be talking about the national debt, government spending cuts, immigration and creating jobs, or would the agenda be about crafting a plan to guide the USA towards socialism?

While Democrats are misguided in wanting more and more entitlement programs for the poor and the middle class, I don't believe in my heart they want the USA to fall from world prominence or to drift towards a socialist state. I don't believe Progressive leaders think Communism is a laudable goal, even in their darkest mental state.

Roots of the gun control issue, it seems to me, must date back to a place in history when something motivated the D party to embrace the issue as a way of distinguishing itself from Rs. Was there such a time when Democrats first started pushing for tougher gun regulation? Was it before JFK's death?

The 1994 AWB was a Clinton initiative, but it was endorsed by Reagan and some other prominent Conservatives. If Progressives were working "in the closet" prior to 1994, why were they crafting anti-gun strategy? Was it, as others have suggested, to set us up for government domination? Was Clinton an architect of the AWB strategy or a pawn of outside influences?

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