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I think what he said was stupid. On the other hand, they revoked his CCL before a trial and conviction of a crime. So in essence, they are operating outside the law and outside the judicial system. You cool with that?

It will cost him a lot of money and a couple years to get it back, if he can.

Law enforcement are using any excuse possible to take people's guns and gun rights away right now. Watch what you say, boys.

Say something mildly inciting, you are a terrorist. Bye, bye guns.
Say something depressing, you are suicidal. Bye, bye guns.
Say something agressive, you are violent. Bye, bye guns.
Speak against the government, you are inciting riots. Bye, bye guns.
Say something strange to the doctor, you are mentally unstable. Bye, bye guns.

Laws be damned at this point. It's revoke first, ask questions later.

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