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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Where are you getting your information. The secular vs. Theist policy fight has been moving steadily toward seculrism in the last 5 decades.
Oh yes, the trend towards secularism is undeniable, but that does not mean the matter is settled. I don't intend to let the matter of individual liberty and freedom drop until it is ensured for everyone.

But your belief is not tolerant, and far from constitutional.
Explain to me how arguing in favor of freedom of speech, religion and individual liberty for all is unconstitutional? I have a feeling this is another strawman for you. Freedom of religion does not include the right to dictate to others how they must live their life.
CavDoc: "If you have to pretend that a person with a different opinion has an opinion other than his own in order to score points in an argument, you've forfeited any points that you pretended to have."
CavDoc: "You consider yourself as non-religious, and I consider you a religious zealot."

JBnTX: "Freedom of religion doesn't mean you can worship any God, anyway you see fit or not even worship any God if you so choose. [...] Christianity should be the only religion protected under the constitution, and congress shall make no law restricting its practice."

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