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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
I'm shocked. Where are these people approaching you? I get around a bit. I go to stores, restaurants, booster functions, school board meetings, car dealers, hospitals, and a lot of other places. I honestly can not remember more than a half dozen times when I have been politely invited to a religious service in the last 10 years. No one has pushed. Religion is a VERY rare subject where I work. I do see some people wearing religious symbols, but that's just for them, not something that others have to kiss or anything like that.

I am really perplexed. Around here, religion is not a topic of discussion unless invited.

I guess if I was being pressured all the time by theists, I would feel a bit differently. As you can tell here, that's not the source of most of the pressure I am getting.
I don't go to booster functions or school board meetings, but otherwise, yes, all of the above.

The dealership doesn't really count though, as I worked there. The odds of it happening at a dealership now would be extremely low.

It is very rare that they are pushy. Pressured is not the word I would use.
Some people want freedom, even for those they disagree with, and some don't.
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The constitution is not, nor was it meant to be absolutely literal.
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