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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
What I'm finding tiresome is your constant mischaracterization of my arguments. I said there was an ongoing national debate on these topics. Do you deny that?

My goal is to ensure it stays that way. I, personally, do not feel persecuted by any of these issues, but I also have no intention of standing idly by while others are persecuted. I guess it's that whole pesky oath of service thing nagging on my conscience.

Where are you getting your information. The secular vs. Theist policy fight has been moving steadily toward seculrism in the last 5 decades.

I now that you believe

Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
Tell you what, I'll concede that my entire line of reasoning was illegitimate if you concede that religion is a scourge on the human race that must be eliminated if we are ever to be truly free.

And then we'll call it... totally lopsided in my favor.

But your belief is not tolerant, and far from constitutional.

We are going to have to disagree, as there seems to be no way for us to agree on certain things.
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