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Originally Posted by Ballisticism
sincerely with all due respect, the Marine Corps trains soldiers; colleges train sheeple. I am in a similar situation, and am deeply disappointed with my experiences with the postsecondary education system, though it's better if you're employed by it than being "educated" by it, IMO.

"They" train people to repeat the answers they've heard and tell them that they are smart, and frown upon assertiveness and independence and ESPECIALLY "hypermasculinity."
Well put.
I've been working in corporations since 1984 and in hindsight, I actually resent the fact that colleges do not emphasize entrepreneurship. Instead, of fostering innovation and new businesses, they teach you how to be a corporate clone.

That said, I think the O.P. needs to be aware that there is a database available to corporations which keeps track of people who have sued their employers. I have to assume that appearing in that database makes finding future employment difficult. Take a valium and pretend to be enlightened by your class.

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