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Originally Posted by chickenwing View Post
My disagreement with you on this subject has nothing to do with getting along with you. I clarified your position because it was true. g36 was wrong.

The rest is hyperbole. That is your experience, others have had different experiences.

Your argument is definitely your opinion, but it's wrong and doesn't stack up.

You say you don't know if a god exists or not, fine. The real question is do you "believe" in a god or gods?

And for someone who doesn't know if there is a god, you make it plain that you know what atheist believe. Kind of funny.

The truth? I believe it is reasonably possible that a deity has existed, or than none has ever existed. It's hard to give a digital number to an analog belief, but I'd estimate it approaches a 50/50 probability. Give or take about 20%.

I wasn't claiming that you thought I was right, just congratulating you on your sense of integrity. We don't have to agree to agree what is an honest argument or not.

Those two men didn't think it was hyperbole though. They were dead a very short time after that picture was taken. It's sad, but that is the reality in many places in the world. Life is much cheaper than it should be. Too many are killed for too little, and too many do much more than is required to earn death, and are allowed to live.
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