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Originally Posted by Made in Austria View Post
There is a guy on here, I think plouffedaddy is his user name. He is a excellent shooter, he applies an perfect grip and stance when he shoots his Glock 19 gen4, just like Tiro Fijo and Bren. But his gun still ejected very erratic. It wasn't the ammo because he tryed multiple brands of ammo in his videos, if I remember correctly.

Why is that Tiro Fijo and Bren? Why did his gun and many other newer Glocks not function properly?

I don't use the modern erect arms/thumbs forward grip like Plouffedaddy. As a matter of fact, I despise it. I use the older Weaver stance. Plouffedaddy's woman was having trouble if I recall and it was obvious that she was breaking her wrists. I remember her video.

Next question?

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