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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
No kidding, where the hell are you guys hanging out that you are getting hit on by all these theists?

Is it possible that your overt atheism invites this?

I simply don't talk about religion, and people simply don't talk about religion with me. It's not that hard, and takes absolutely no effort. Everyone I work with knows my background, they know what I do, they know I carry a gun everywhere but were I work, they know I have taught classes on how to choose a defensive carry gun at my local gun club, they know that I am a subject matter expert in wound ballistics, an avid hunter, and a carnivore.

I'd guess that maybe two people know I am agnostic. It simply, almost never comes up in conversation. It it a Texas thing? Hell, I don't know. I simply find it hard to believe that people are being bombarded with religious messages on a daily basis.

Maybe I'm more tolerant. I do cook a turkey or two on thanksgiving (killed one of 'em myself this year). My family does exchange gifts on Christmas. No one believes in santa.

None of my family clubs the bell ringers over the head outside of stores. None of my family is homophobic. None of my family is antisemitic, antichristian.... I'll admit to being a little leery of certain sects of islam and openly upset about the WBC/Phelps clan. I've pulled out my wallet and emptied it when a patient entered my exam room wearing a Patriot Guard Rider's vest. Those guys are really cool. Donate to them if you have a few extra dollars hanging around.

But no kidding, how often are people trying to openly get you to join their religion (other than the atheists here).

I don't feel like taking the time to divide up your post and respond to each part, so I'll just go in order.

That's just the way it's always been.

No. Most people think I'm Christian, and I let them, because it would devastate my mother and grandmother to learn I'm not.

I don't remember starting a conversation on religion, at all.

I think there are 5 people that know I'm atheist.

At least once a month.
Some people want freedom, even for those they disagree with, and some don't.
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The constitution is not, nor was it meant to be absolutely literal.
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