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Originally Posted by chickenwing View Post
Nailed it, great post.

CavDoc does not seem to want to accept that in regards to the bold.

Theist don't bother him, only Atheist on GTRI.
Darn, I thought we were starting to get along. Oh well, lets try again.

I've not been proselytized to by a person in real life, other than one atheist in the last 2 years. He's a nice guy, a Nurse Practitioner that is not overtly, but openly gay, his partner comes by and has lunch with him on occasion, as far as I can tell, everybody likes them both a lot. He has a huge party out at their ranch once a year, and invites about a hundred people to a great bar-b-Que and hay rides for the kids. He's rather upset that some christians don't approve of his lifestyle, while several openly christian and muslim, and hindu people around us have always shown him respect. One day when we were alone, he cut loose, and spouted a large amount of bile and vitriol against christians. I simply reminded him that I wasn't one, but that he should not be too upset about how things were around here. While not perfect, they were headed that way, and if he really wanted to rant against a religion, he could pick a better one.

Religious Issues

I do not consider myself a member of any religion. I don't take offense at the atheists that want to say agnosticism is a religion. I simply know what I know, and accept what I don't.

I find it hard to believe that some of you take such great offense at indirect proselytizing, while proselytizing directly, and cannot realize it.

It's very evident.
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