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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
Did I say that the issue was direct proselytizing? No, I did not. I was clearly referring to theist efforts to pass laws that would restrict everyone to their narrow belief of what their mythical deity mandates (whether the public shares that view of morality or not).

Are you going to seriously tell me that you are completely unaware of the national debates regarding key issues such as stem cell research, gay marriage and abortion? I find that difficult to believe. Rather, I think that you understood my point completely and chose instead to mischaracterize it such that it would be easier to counter (i.e. you built another strawman).
I'm sensing more selective hypersensitivity. It's becoming rather common, in a tiresome sort of way.

Stem cell: Not banned. Federal funding was withheld for a few years, not for the last several.

Gay Marriage: Has not existed before, is a relatively new concept, likely a hail mary (pun intended) that would be best accomplished by going for "Civil Unions" with all the benefits now, then add "marriage" in 10 years when no one gives a crap.

Abortion on demand is the law of the land. Morning after pills are freely available.

You're displaying a persecution complex that is not founded in reality. Look around you. Duh. You are living in one of the most religiously free countries in the world. I'm not sure where your persecution complex originates, but I'm sure it is a dark place that you don't want to reveal.

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