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Originally Posted by G26S239 View Post
I am an atheist. I don't believe any form of deity ever existed. I have not looked for god(s) behind the moon, inside the Oval Office, on Jupiter and there are infinite other places I have not checked for the presence of a divine spook.

Having not looked and listened in these various locations does not lead me to believe there is anything like a reasonable possibility that Yahweh, Loki, Wotan, Vishnu or any of the myriad other alleged deites exist anywhere based on observable reality. I also disbelieve that werewolves, vampires, skinwalkers or chupacabras exist.

Agnostic to me suggests acceptance of a reasonable possibility of the existence of a being that can build and populate the earth in 6 days, give donkeys the gift of using human language and do any of the fantastic feats attributed to such beings. I do not consider the gullibility required to seriously believe such fantastic claims to be a reasonable basis for making decisions that will affect my life or the lives of others. For that reason I consider myself atheist and do not bother with the gnostic/agnostic prefix that some other people consider important to attach to the subject of belief/non belief.
Only because I see it as reasonably possible..... let me explain how I got there.

I'm almost certain that not every letter in any religious text is perfectly correct. Most of them were handed down by verbal stories long before the written word, and translated from other languages into current languages.

I may have told this story once or ten times. But I was at a conference once, and a British lady was there, a rather attractive one. We were all setting around, drinking bit and laughing a lot. It was getting late, and she started off with "Hey didn't I see you on my floor just a couple of rooms down from mine". I said yes, I believe you did. She said, "Will you come by and knock me up in the morning". At which time those that were still breathing at the table were sucking in large volumes of air. I deftly said something like " Ujjjj uhhhh guwhat??!!" She said "come knock on my door in the morning to wake me up". She was mortified when one of the other ladies informed her what "Knock up" meant in American English.

The moral of the story is that even similar languages, aren't always the same.

So, understanding that humans may not be 100% accurate, but also understanding that science is a wonderful tool that has shown us many wonders. Many that are almost beyond comprehension (otherwise the global theory of relativity and life would be available on amazon today).

Life is truly complex. Complex enough to at least open the possibility, that there may have been a plan.

The odds that cellular life would spontaneously occur, has to be less than the probability that I will win the lottery next week, If I bothered to buy a ticket.

So, I believe it's possible that a deity may have existed, or not.

No big. My belief doesn't hurt the theist or the atheist. You'd find that hard to believe from some of the reactions I've received. Almost hostile, in a religious sort of way. Just watch.

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