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Originally Posted by taffbanjo View Post
Embrace the South! I already feel cheated if I get on a plane and it doesn't end up in Nashville. On my last visit in 2009, I was disturbed to hear a distinct Tennessee twang in my voice to wards the end of the vacation. It took months of elocution therapy to get rid of it.

The barbecue sauce is fine - on barbeque - but chips and fries were made to be eaten with mayonnaise. Sorry - that is an eternal truth.

That's funny.

I was stationed in Charleston, South Caroline for two years with the Navy in 1957 and I am from Minnesota, which is about as northern European in the USA as you can get short of Canada.

Anyway, when I came home I was picked on by everyone because they said I had a "Southern Accent". When I was in South Carolina everyone asked me if I always talked that fast. The said I had the slow my speech down so they could understand me.

By the way, in South Carolina the French Fries are eaten with Vinegar sprinkled over them.

Anyway, again welcome to a good group.

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