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Originally Posted by Glock20 10mm View Post
Well... here is the first course I have to attend...

Find What Works; Build From There

Description and Notes
Below are the details about this activity including activity description, user notes and instructor notes.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll examine the causes of workplace negativity and focus on how to build a healthier and more respectful work environment. Learn tools and behaviors to help you build bridges and maintain positive working relationships.

In this session, participants will:

• Identify components of workplace health develop a plan for improvement
• Practice assertive communication behaviors that demonstrate respect
• Learn how to apply effective problem solving and conflict resolution skills
Sounds like "fun"

At least you get paid to attend.
Seriously, go in with an open mind.

Do you remember the line on the movie The International?
The bad guy is playing chess with his son and asks him what does one do when he finds himself in a situation he cant get out.
The kid responds, "Go further in".
Think about it.

Good luck.

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