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Originally Posted by CitizenOfDreams View Post
Commies did not have to mark their brass back then. One party, one leader, one caliber.

Ehhhh, You hopefully realize that most U.S. military ammo is marked only with the manufacturer and the year of production.

IE. WCC 03, RA 94 etc.

In fact, most often caliber is referred to by its identifying number, M-193, M-855, M-80.

Caliber markings on brass are for the amatures not the professionals.

EDIT: To check the accuracy of my recollection, I just retrieved a box of 30-06.

The box is marked as follows

20 cartridges
caliber .30 M2
Lot LC 39131
Lake City Arsenal

casings are marked. LC 52

The caliber of .30-06 NEVER appears on the packaging or the cartridge.

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