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Originally Posted by Giggity-Giggity View Post
Everyone's different.

I shoot my G35 accurately, then my G27 and my G23; with a G22 least. Everyone has their own preference. Hand size is a factor.
Originally Posted by attrapereves View Post
I shoot my 19 slightly better than my 17. The extra length at the end of the 17 grip is worthless to me as my hand fits the 19 perfectly. However, I do enjoy the two extra rounds.

If I may also ask you both the same question; as I approach shooting from a very scientific and methodical based perspective...

  • What distances, what group size, how many rounds per group...and are you shooting from a static two handed position, unsupported?
I have taken other people's guns recently at the range (2x G23v4, 1xG26v3), shot them and told them their guns needed to be looked at. All three of these guns were grouping for me at 7-10" at 45ft. When I put my G26 or G23 in their hands they shot better, and I shot my own guns in the 2-4" group range. Also their guns from bench rests confirmed my suspicions - never did get a chance to check the guns out myself though.
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