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The #8 followers and #9 followers should both work fine as long as you don't put a #9 follower in a magazine tube that originally had a #8 follower. You're supposed to be able to mix them, but there's an area on the #9 follower that's too wide to work perfectly in an older magazine tube. It shouldn't cause failures to feed though, at most you'd experience failures of the slide to lock back on the last round.

I wouldn't lube the magazines, it's not necessary and will only collect more residue in the magazines. The oil can also seep into the cartridges stored in the magazine and deactivate the primers and gunpowder, if the gunpowder is deactivated but the primer still fires, you could end up with a bullet stuck in the barrel when you fire that round. Wiping the spring and metal liner with oil then wiping them dry for corrosion protection is fine though.
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