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Originally Posted by BLACK Z View Post
I wonder if anyone will try and start a petition or something this is nuts. What if you have a odd ball gun that is not even made anymore, you will then never be able to get a mag, I can't believe that this would get passed.
If you have hardware you want but is now illegal, send it to a relative or trusted friend out of state or hide it until this nonsense is repealed when the impending control of the legislature shifts back to R.

One of the female NY sens., I think maybe Marchione?, has a petition on her .gov site.

None of us can believe and are literally sick over it. All of my LE cronies and friends have spent the last week calling and emailing the reps here obviously to no avail. The ban and mag cap components of this trash are so painfully misdirected and ill-conceived by this shmuck of unrivaled caliber (Gov) it frustrates me to the point of pain.

Do a youtube search for Sen. Greg Ball's comments at the session Monday - made me proud to be in his district. Same guy who is leading the charge against the Journal News' publishing of the permit holder map.

ETA: Sen. Marchione's petition for repeal

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