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Originally Posted by IllinoisGun View Post
I've never met a person alive that didn't get a driver's license number and a bill of sale when buying or selling a gun. It's a non-issue. Most people don't want or need a government conducting the sale for them. Hell, I even do do it for knives and computer sales.

When I buy or sell a computer I want to make sure that the computer isn't going to be used to store child pornography because I understand most child pornographers have/use computers for their crimes. I have young children so I am pretty touchy on this issue.
It must suck where you live. I have bought, sold and traded many, many guns over the years. One guy actually had me sign a bill of sale, but he moved here from up north. other than that, one person is handed cash, one person is handed a gun and we both go on our way.

That post looks so #^%*&^$ crazy, when I get to the second paragraph, that I wonder if you are being sarcastic and making fun of NickC50310 for being such an uptight newb. You obviously can't be serious about getting ID for knives and computers, etc., but the first part looked like you were.
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