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Originally Posted by steveksux View Post
Nobody else had a mag limit before now? CA? Maybe call, write before you go. If they think it's legal, AG, State police, and you have an email to that effect, hard to see someone on the street jamming you up. Are NY officers exempt? If not, they'll think you're not either.

At this point, it's not whether it'a legal, since nobody knows for sure yet. It's are you likely to have to go to court to find out.

Wonder why 7 rounds, also, rather than 10? Is it because there might be 10 round masha out there for a lot of pistols, so by saying 7 is the limit they've effectively banned the majority of semi-autos until someone bothers making 7 round msgs for 1 state (which may never be with their while to manufacture unless 7 rounds becomes a national limit)?

No grandfather clause either, hope that ism't the case nationally when the dust clears.


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There is a grandfather for the 10-rounders. But they eliminated the grandfather for the pre-ban (1994) 11+ mags.

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