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Originally Posted by spcwes View Post
I can tell you this, my officers didn't confiscate **** while we were there. Further, the only police I even heard about doing so were New Orleans PD and California State Police. There might have been more but I actually had not even thought about it until right now.

Regardless it is not a common police ideal to run around and take peoples guns. I am sorry to bust all the bubbles that seem to be floating around about it.

Not sure on this one and I actually do not know anyone currently working for NYC. I would hope some would have common sense but that is not always the case.

i get most cops probably wouldn't want to and probably believe they wouldn't do something like that if it came to it... but how many would be willing to lose their job/income/means of putting food on the table for their family?

I think most won't like it, but if they're gun is not getting taken away and they would no longer be able to provide for their family... i think most will at least go through the motions, even if they don't like it.

How many do you think would make a big stand and lose their job?

How many of us would quit our jobs right now and come to the aid of someone else who's rights are being violated?

It's not like the movies. The cop doesn't make a big stand, quit his job, stand for principle then the music plays and the credits roll... the cop will wake up the next day, jobless, hoping he finds a way to make his house payment and keep the lights on. i don't know how many will make that sacrifice...
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