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I did just that today actually. As gun owners it is our responsibility to do our best to keep guns in the correct hands. Keeping them out of the hands of criminals or the mentally ill is part of our job as responsible gun owners. I bought an ar a few weeks ago. Ended up getting another this week that i liked better so i sold the one i got before. Sold in under a day on armslist. Terms of the sale was filling out a bill of sale, having a valid iowa id, and having a permit to purchase handguns or permit to carry (in iowa this means they have already passed a background check). It was easy as pie. No rights were violated and i know the gun i sold wasnt going to someone who shouldnt have one.

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I've never met a person alive that didn't get a driver's license number and a bill of sale when buying or selling a gun. It's a non-issue. Most people don't want or need a government conducting the sale for them. Hell, I even do do it for knives and computer sales.

When I buy or sell a computer I want to make sure that the computer isn't going to be used to store child pornography because I understand most child pornographers have/use computers for their crimes. I have young children so I am pretty touchy on this issue.
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