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Originally Posted by ShotRePeter View Post
I'd like to use this exchange, because when talking to my father, who is not an anti, but a non gunner, he always asks WHY would the gov't do this stuff? whats the motivation, and I always say that its their nature, not to rule/oppress us, but to make us "safe" from ourselves so they sort of just naturally end up as oppressors. Its unfortunate, but just goes to show why the road to hell is paved with good intentions
How do you explain to dad that Rs are pro-gun while Ds are anti?

When you say "...its their nature..." you must mean Progressives, because Conservatives don't want to take our guns. The problem is Ds in government, not government in general.

Ds are afraid of citizens being armed but Rs are not? Hmmm. Somehow the notion of Democrats wanting to disarm us out of concern for public safety while Republicans want us to be armed just isn't logical; there has to be a philosophical basis for the difference in position on gun issues. Can somebody help us here?

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