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Originally Posted by Taterhead View Post
Shoot lower powered ammo until fundamentals are ingrained, and then gradually increase power factor. Shooting hot ammo that you are not comfortable with can induce some bad habits in a hurry.
Great advice. And bad habits can be very difficult to break.

If you're focusing on recoil, you're going in exactly the wrong direction for learning how to shoot well. You have to be comfortable enough with the recoil that your focus is on sight alignment and trigger control, so that your hold is solid when the firing pin drops. That is how you hit what you're aiming at, and when you are doing it right you will not be thinking about recoil at all. If you find the recoil is distracting you, or you're anticipating it, then drop to lower powered ammo or even a smaller caliber that you are comfortable with, and then work your way up.

The grippy things and Pearce floor plates are necessary if the pistol is shifting in your hand during recoil.

Unless you're talking about recoil management for quicker follow-up shots. But it's a 10mm, why would you need a follow-up shot? You still get zero points for missing, so it makes sense to go only as fast as you can make good hits.
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