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TLwolter, welcome to GT, and congrats on the G20 purchase. It's the best of the best, of the best!

Not sure what manufactured ammo you are using, but when you run some underwood, down range, you will know, the 10, is for real. Along with that fact, you will also know, where your factory barrel stands, on whether, or not, the chamber support is enough. The bulge, depending on size, or the lack there of, will assist you in determining, if an after market barrel is needed. There are a number of aftermarket barrels available. At present I have owned three different manufactures offerings. All I will say, is I am very pleased with the Lone Wolf barrels, and all my future barrel purchases will from them. Lifetime warranted, as full case support as any in the market, and most reasonably priced!

Oh yea, definitely start reloading!
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