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Originally Posted by Agent6-3/8 View Post
I was getting things ready for rotation to days tomorrow and thought I'd post up my rig. Looks like I'll be adding a taser soon, so I've got to figure out how to rearrange things to make it fit... Kinda hate to do so since I've had my belt arranged this way since the academy.
I don't have much waist room to work with, but my X26 carries fine on the left hip with a V70 flashlight holster and makes in "front" of it and a porta-clip radio holder and MK-III spray "behind it. The OC is about even with the outside edge of the left rear pants pocket, so there is nothing in my back, really.

Originally Posted by lndshark View Post
Same here. We are getting X2's and they are absolutely HUGE.
The foot print on the built is really not much larger than the X26.
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