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Originally Posted by Agent6-3/8 View Post
I was getting things ready for rotation to days tomorrow and thought I'd post up my rig. Looks like I'll be adding a taser soon, so I've got to figure out how to rearrange things to make it fit... Kinda hate to do so since I've had my belt arranged this way since the academy.

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Same here. We are getting X2's and they are absolutely HUGE. I should be able to keep a similar arrangement but I'll probably slide my radio farther toward the back and put the Taser where the radio was. I can foresee the Tasers grip hitting my baton if I carry it cross-draw. Policy states that the ECD be carried on the support side but it's up to the individual to carry it cross-draw for strong side or non for support-side use.

With my 32" waist, it's a challenge putting anything else on my belt. I still don't have OC...I wouldn't know where to put it! I'm not about to put my cuffs on the back...things are nice and comfy with them riding up front, thank you.
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