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Originally Posted by WT View Post
He may live in a socialist country but he is a ruthless capitalist and will go for the money.
That's actually the complete opposite of the truth.

The fact is that Glock has completely ignored the public outcry for interchangeable backstraps for years... and what's up with everyone having to immediately replace sights and install a Vickers release? They continue to ignore the demand for a single stack 9.

Several pistols... and even whole brands... owe their existence, success, and prosperity to his obtuseness and inability to delegate authority.

Originally Posted by jay29 View Post
If you voted for Obama you need to hang yourself. It's not lame at all. You all are a bunch of scumbags. Do us a favor and sell your guns and get lost and never be heard from again.
Chill, dude. You're kooking out.

Originally Posted by Bulldog160 View Post
Understand that NYS is controlled by NYC. Don't put all NYrs in one category.
I'm a NYer and I don't think that's true. It's a big state. Your representation in DC is literally a cast of villains. They are all in the same category: NYers.

Originally Posted by Bulldog160 View Post
The only + thing I can hope for is officer discretion when it comes to enforcement. The same as DWI and disorderly conduct etc.
LOL... I guess it really is different way out there... they're pulling drunks out of their cars and giving them a warning???

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