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On a more serious note, we need to be very afraid of this. National politicians will see this as an example where a divided legislature was able to pass a very restrictive gun control law. It will embolden gun control activists.

As it stands today the only thing between us and federal laws like the one passed in New York is the House of Representatives. I would not be surprised to see it change hands in 2014. The Democrats have shown that they are good at buying votes. The Dream Act, forgiving student loans, free cell phones, and cash for clunkers....those are all nothing but vote buying scams. And in case you didn't notice, there are now more people depending on the tax payers then there are tax payers. The demographics have shifted and they will continue to skew more and more toward Democrats and liberal policies. Lots of Republicans will have to become RINO just to get elected, further blurring the line. I can very easily see bills like this passing the US Congress in the next four years.

And once they are able to pass this, and of course it will fail to make any dent in crime, the next step will be a UK like ban on anything but single shot rifles and shot guns. If you think it can't happen you are sadly mistaken. I am pretty sure that the majority of British citizens would have said you were crazy if you told them in 1950 (just five years removed from a war with Germany) that there would be a ban on gun ownership in Great Britain by the end of the century.

Our clock is ticking........
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