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I'm happy to see this post. I just got my first G29...actually my first subcompact pistol ever. I fired it with my handloads i use in my G20 full size (all Gen 3's BTW) and was a little surprised how it handled me. I'm 6'2" 250# and love shooting my hot handloads (180's @ 1300'ish) in my G20 @ 45'...get 2-3" groups. But I wa having a hard time holding on to the G29. I think I made a mistake getting the SF maybe?? I've never had a pistol want to come out of my hand before. It was a little disconcerting, honestly.
All that said, it seems like the pearce extensions are going to be must. Anyone use the Pachmayer rubber sleeves on the SF? I tried a similar product (can't remember name) on my G23 CCW back when. But it was just inner tube material and tore when I tired to install it. The Pach looks to be more like my Hogue AR grip, which I love...but not for recoil purposes.

Thanks in adv.!!

- Dave
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