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Originally Posted by Cybercowboy View Post
Voted for Obama, didn'tcha?

But that was lame months ago.

(and I am lame for posting "what-ifs," but if you don't think Romney would dust off his old MA Gun Ban I think you're wrong)

Originally Posted by WT View Post
Future G26 mags will be limited to 7 round capacity.
Says who?

Originally Posted by WT View Post
I think the Glock guys in Austria are reprogramming their machines to produce 7 round mags for every size gun they have.
I think you're wrong. New Yorkers by and large hate guns and it wouldn't be worth it to retool to make a special product just for a tiny few people living in a stupid place.

Originally Posted by IndyGunFreak View Post
We're talking R&D, testing, doing whatever modifications need made to make the 7rd mags (be it training machine operators, programming, whatever).
I'm in agreement with you, but it wouldn't be too much "R&D" to make a longer follower and drill 3 less witness holes.

They would probably sell like 10 a year though...
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