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I few days ago, I was called and idiot, or was it moron? I was accused of bias and not knowing anything in which I talk about.

So here it is.

I estimated that 90-95% of police would go along with a confiscation (which is what is going to now happen in NY) and I was called a moron. Now, I know, I know, the people who called my this might say "well this is different, this is NY". Ok. I will give them that. Lets say that the police are ten times less likely to do what right in NY. That means that 0.5% to 1% should stand up for what is right and turn in their badges.

Anyone of the people who called me a moron want to bet a nice C-note on this. My bet, there will be less than 0.5% of LEO in the state of NY turning in their badges and stating the reason is the new gun law within 60 days of its implimentation or refusing to enforce the new laws?

Well, let me be sporting. NYC has an authorized PD count of 34,450 so let us use that number and assume no other police in NY state. 0.5% of that is 172 officers. So the sporting guy I am, lets put the number at 150 officers in the entire state. Which person that called me an idiot is going to step up the plate and take my $100?
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