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Found it, but his response was from before this mess.
Dear Mr. Mathis,

Thank you regarding the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. I'm grateful for your thoughts and for the opportunity to respond. As you may know, in October 2009, under the direction of President Obama, the U.S. voted to participate in the negotiation of United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in the United Nations General Assembly. The purpose of this treaty is to create a set of international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms. The U.N. held a conference in July of 2012 to finalize this agreement, but the conference ended without a final deal. As the process currently stands, I am concerned that the Arms Trade Treaty poses serious dangers to the constitutional rights of Americans. Our Second Amendment rights are not negotiable.

It is evident to me that certain parts of the treaty challenge One
freedoms. limitation of the transfer of arms within member states. Additionally, the treaty is also designed to control the transfer of arms from non-state actors, placing the burden of controlling crime

instead of on the member states of the U.N. For these reasons, I have co-sponsored the Second Amendment

(S.2205), a bill which prohibits funding to

a U.N. Arms Trade Treaty that


restricts the Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens.

As a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, please know that I am following the developmentprocess closely. I appreciate your opinions, and I look forward to serving the people of Florida.


Marco Rubio United States Sen.
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