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Originally Posted by WT View Post
Midway sells 5 round Garand clips. The guys who shoot high power rifle will be able to do so. Two 5 round clips instead of 2+8 combo.

If I were a NY Glock owner I would get some 10 rounds mags real quickly. Of course, they could not be loaded to more than 7 rounds but what can you do?

Why blame the democrats? It was a Republican controlled Senate the voted overwhelmingly for the bill.
"republican controlled" is open to debate. Most members of the New York senate are democrats (32 of 63) but 6 of those consider themselves "independant democrats" who have voted with the minority republicans to elect a republican majority leader.

Worst of all, they are all apparently New Yorkers, which makes their republicans about 10 times as liberal as our democrats.
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