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Originally Posted by BUICKSPEC6231 View Post
............and the sales of large diameter PVC pipe and shovels just went up at the local hardware/home improvement stores. With all the defending I do for NYS and since I live here, this one was a kick to the junk. And for all you haters saying that its our fault we voted them in, it doesn't really work that way on a gun forum where everyone here is pro gun. We (pro gun members in NY) as a collective whole probably all voted for a conservative (pro gun) state government. You shouldn't be pointing fingers at us. The minority obviously loses every time when it comes to a vote. This is going to be another law like cell phone use in a car. 95% of police officers are going to ignore the violations and enforcement of this law.
Well, a guy on another forum who lives in upstate NY and has a few guns was really proud of his vote for Obama a couple of months ago. Then yesterday I posted this:

New York has announced their tentative new gun control measures. They are going to ban "assault weapons" and magazines or guns that can fire more than 7 rounds.

Welkome to Amerika New Yorkers!

And he responded thusly, still in denial.

This did not happen, and I highly doubt that it will in it's presently packaged form...
Wrongo !
They can announce anything they want. A legislative vote is another matter.

And then, slowly, the realization begins sinking in...

Fk'n NY Senate passed it last night. Now it goes to the legislature. Our three reps voted against it, but those down state homos passed it. This is the most fk'd up state, politically that I've ever seen.
What a great diversion from the budget mess we're in. Those bastard gotta be loving this.

He may very well have voted for pro-gun reps but he voted for Obama.

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