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............and the sales of large diameter PVC pipe and shovels just went up at the local hardware/home improvement stores. With all the defending I do for NYS and since I live here, this one was a kick to the junk. And for all you haters saying that its our fault we voted them in, it doesn't really work that way on a gun forum where everyone here is pro gun. We (pro gun members in NY) as a collective whole probably all voted for a conservative (pro gun) state government. You shouldn't be pointing fingers at us. The minority obviously loses every time when it comes to a vote. This is going to be another law like cell phone use in a car. 95% of police officers are going to ignore the violations and enforcement of this law.

Also, yes I am a new member to GT so my post count doesn't show that I have been a supporter of firearms for a long length of time and I look like just another one of these first time gun owners with no credibility. To clear any of that up.... I am a long time gun owner, ccw holder in a county which basically requires your soul before the Judge will sign the ppw, but a short time internet gun forum poster.

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