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Originally Posted by frankr View Post
I was more than happy to help. I sold my 930 SPX and purchased the Benelli M2 Tactical. My M2 has been a great shooting shotgun. When I sent you the magazine spring my wife and I were living in S.C. Two years ago we moved back to our home town in Pennsylvania. I know what your thinking, are they nuts to live S.C for PA? Ha,Ha,Ha.
Hope all is going well with you.
You're right, but who am I to question your sanity.

Life has been good after I got rid of the 930, great concept, just not executed very well. I've got 2 Benelli M1 Super 90's, I've had for years, one I use for hunting with a 26" barrel and one is the tactical model, truly great shotguns. Mossberg gave it a noble effort and their attempt at keeping them affordable is admirable, the magazine spring and stripped screw for the rail were fixable and liveable, but after the plastic transfer bar housing broke, that was the last straw.
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