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Put all factory springs back in the gun, preferably the recoil spring and magazine springs should be new, not the old ones you replaced. G22 magazines used to use 10-coil springs, they now use 11-coil springs which would be Glock manufacturer part number SP02551.

Also number your magazines, for a single range trip you can put masking tape on the floorplates of each magazine with different numbers written on them, and keep track of which magazines the failures to feed occur with. If they occur with some of your magazines and not others, the problem is with the magazines that failed to feed. If they occur with all of your magazines, the problem is likely something else in the gun.

American Eagle and Speer Lawman .40 ammo have never given me problems, I'd try to test with that ammo.

With the magazines, there can be excess plastic on the front lip that sits just under the nose of a cartridge being fed out of the magazine. There's a metal lip that's part of the metal liner, there should not be any plastic raised above that lip, if there is you can shave it down. There are also plastic protrusions at the front of each feed lip which may protrude too far and slow the rise of the top round, you can shave those protrusions down until the failures to feed stop. You can shave them down to the point that they're entirely removed and it won't cause any problems.

Nevermind the instructions in the picture, just shave them down until the failures to feed stop. I would put all the factory springs back in the gun before shaving anything on the magazines though.
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