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Never been a fan of the Speedfeed ammo-carrier stocks because i've never met someone who could make them really work under pressure. I sure can't.

If you've trained as I have with a sling, keeping it on the gun is fine. If it's primarily a house gun, have one, not necessarily attached. If you go camping, attach it. Easy fix.

The light's not an option. Fighting gun needs a light. Cleared a lot of structures with rifle and light mounted. Done a few without. Survived doing so. Not looking forward to doing so again. Surefire fore-ends aren't cheap but are the best option.

If MagPul releases the MOE fore-end for Mossbergs this year, that would be a cost efficient alternative.

When a shotgun was my do-it-all gun (field and home) I had a sidesaddle with four rounds (all that was available) and an old GI pistol belt with 2 surplus-type Rothco (not really surplus) pouches that held about fifty rounds of 00 and slugs. I usually had one pouch on there and the second in my Holy Crap bag.

In the event i grabbed the shotgun i could sling the ammo belt/bag on as a bandolier if I didn't have time to put it on.

Yes, the shotgun (Nova SP) had no light. It wasn't an option for the gun. I wasn't happy with it, but you do the best with what you have.

For me a tricked out social shotgun would be an 18.5" 870 Police, MOE fore-end, Surefiry Fury and a basic 2 pt sling with a sidesaddle. Tritium XS Big Dot.
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