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I've had a 20"/8+1 590 for about 5 years now, and I still love it. Parkerized finish, bead sight, speedfeed stock, and barrel shroud. I have used both a Tac-Star and now a Mesa side saddle with it, and neither one presented function problems.

Yes, it's heavy, but not insanely so. The weight honestly doesn't bother me when shooting it.

The recoil pad does push away from the stock body a bit in the middle, but nothing serious. The shells in the stock are secure - enough so to put divots in the nose of the lead 1oz slugs I keep in one side.

I keep mine stoked with Federal LE #1 buck, and it prints 1-hole patterns to at least 15 yards, and dinner plates at 25.

All of that said, it's my home use artillery piece. It's not generally a woods gun for me, or anything I plan on humping in the woods for long. If I need something like that, I'll be using my AR-15.
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