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Do you really want to disarm average citizens on a knee jerk reaction to a terrible, but avoidable situation like Sandy Hook? Do you want to leave future generations unarmed and totally vulnerable to terrorists or foreign nations?

No! No! Whatever gave you that opinion of me? I'm talking about background checks, not gun bans. I think that guns which are currently legal should remain legal. What I'd like to see are universal background checks and some sort of "safe storage" law to make it more difficult for thieves to steal guns and for kids and insane people to access them. I have a biometric strong box for my Glock. It opens in an instant and I can grab my pistol, fully loaded, with a round in the chamber. I can access it as quickly as if it were in my dresser drawer. Difference is, criminals have to pry it off the wall and cut it open, and kids can't get to it at all. That doesn't take away my right to own a gun. It doesn't require me to register my guns.
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